Company Formation in Hong Kong

The company must be registered under the Companies Ordinance, and the company secretary must sign an undertaking that the company is a bona fide company, this means that the company can trade and is capable of doing business. These conditions are necessary so that the authorities can carry out their functions.
There are specific rules and regulations that you need to comply with when you wish to establish company formation Hong Kong, set up business in Hong Kong through the Private Limited Company, and conduct business in Hong Kong through a Private Company. You have to comply with the following guidelines:
You have to be aware of some facts before you choose to open a Hong Kong limited company. First and foremost, you have to choose between registering a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited liability company. If you wish to establish your own business, you may register a private limited company which is a more expensive option. However, you have the flexibility to use your capital when you choose.
After you have selected the type of business you wish to open and have decided on a Hong Kong location, it is time to choose the legal forms for Company formation in Hong Kong. Most business owners will choose to start with a private limited company. It is the simplest legal form of company to set up and also is the most flexible. However, it requires you to keep track of the company’s finances and affairs.
There is no limitation to the number of shareholders, or members of the limited company have limited liability. Therefore, all the risks that are associated with corporate liability are not present with the private limited company.
Companies also need to be registered under the Companies Ordinance. The Companies Ordinance states that all company formations are to be registered with the Companies Department and that each company has its secretary who is responsible for conducting business affairs. In the case of any of these companies, the Companies Department can appoint a secretary to conduct company affairs.
Before you set up a business in Hong Kong, you should get a license from the Government Business Registration Office in Hong Kong. These licenses are issued after the applicant has successfully passed the Business Registration examination. This examination needs to be taken by the applicant’s self if the applicant is a non-resident.
For a company to operate legally, the company must be registered and operated according to the laws and regulations of the Business Office’s Ordinance for HK company formation. The company has to maintain its records, including books and records. These records are referred to as the books and records of the company.
When opening a company, you have to have the company registered at the Commercial Court of Hong Kong. You have to provide the Commercial Court with the application forms for company registration. The Commercial Court will take action to enforce the rules and regulations when there is a dispute about the company’s business operations and other commercial issues. If you fail to comply with the rules and regulations, then the court may ask you to provide evidence.