Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

Trailer mounted booms have many advantages over other types of aerial work platforms like scissor lifts and smaller personnel lifts or boom lifts. Made by many major manufacturers like Genie, JLG and NiftyLift, truck mounted boom lifts are some of the most versatile and far-reaching aerial platforms available from the powered access industry and can be applied to a range of projects and uses.

This versatility means that a trailer mounted boom can be a very cost effective choice of powered access equipment, suitable for both high and low jobs. Boom lifts with articulating arms provide essential ‘up and over’ access for a variety of situations where simple vertical or lateral reach is not enough. In this way, a trailer mounted boom lift or cherry picker can provide pinpoint access for maintenance, repair, construction or installation.

Lorry with boom machine work platforms are large powered access machines that are suitable for uneven terrain and are stabilised by out-riggers that can be automated or manual. Set up is usually very fast, and low to high mobility allows the platform to be adjusted quickly and efficiently. Controls on a truck mounted boom allow operators to move the boom arm in a telescoping manner as well as controlling the articulating hinges to provide ‘up and over’ access. Many trailer mounted booms have both ground and platform controls to aid with safety and increase the options for control and adjustment.

This type of boom lift or cherry picker is designed to be towed by a pickup truck, SUV, truck or lorry for easy transportation between work sites. Once at the working location, setting up can take just a few minutes, especially when using a machine with automatic self-levelling out-riggers.

Lorry with boom machine are durable and hard-wearing

But can also be lightweight enough to be used indoors or on softer ground such as grass. The use of spreader plates can help to distribute the weight of the aerial platform. Compact machines are ideal for situations where space is limited, or in congested or build-up areas.

Trailer mounted boom lifts are often favoured by rental companies and contractors due to their wide range of capabilities and easy to manoeuvre controls. To use an aerial work platform like this you must first complete industry standard training and accreditation at a registered powered access training facility. You will also require the appropriate safety equipment for working at height, for example a harness and safety helmet.

Trailer mounted booms can be bought new or second hand, or rented on short and long term contracts. For more information on which type of aerial work platform is suitable for your requirements, contact your local powered access provider.

Trailer mounted booms are a large type of aerial work platform that is secured to the back of a trailer, truck or lorry. This type of powered access platform is a great option for large-scale construction, repair, maintenance and any situation where extreme heights need to be reached.

Truck mounted lifts come in a range of sizes, with working heights from around 9 metres to large platforms that can reach up to 21 metres.

There are many benefits of trailer mounted boom lifts, as they are very maneuverable with a wide range of movement. Not only can they extend vertically with a platform mounted on either a telescoping or articulating boom, but they can also move laterally and rotate to increase outreach. Truck mounted booms are quick to set up using manual or hydraulic out-riggers, and can be towed easily from one site to another.

Smaller units may be battery or electric powered, which make them light and easy to transport. Specialist narrow platforms sometimes have retractable axles which are designed to allow the lift to fit through standard sized doorways for indoor use in offices, factories and warehouses. Larger trailer mounted aerial platforms are usually powered by diesel or petrol, with some machines benefiting from bi-fuel options, combining two different power sources to increase efficiency.

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